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Our spa area is   exclusively available to in-house guests

In our wellness area   you can leave the   worries of everyday life behind you. Whether you want to use sauna, sanarium, infrared or sanarium –   nothing stands in the way of undisturbed relaxation.



Dry and hot, almost like the Sahara – but we have given up on the desert sand. One of the most traditional forms of the sauna is certainly Finnish. There is a dry and hot climate with temperatures between 85°C and 90°C with a relative humidity of only 10% to 30%.


Completely new and pleasant: If the Finnish sauna is too hot and the steam bath is too humid, the Sanarium is lucky. This newly developed version of the Finnish sauna is characterized by its dosed temperature and humidity. You can experience the gentle effect of a sanarium session with us


Infrared sauna

The direct deep heat is very gentle for the heart and circulation. The motto is „Pleasantly fit instead of exhausted“.

Manufacturers promise more effective sweating. In the Physiotherm infrared cabin, the ratio between the skin surface in a thermally neutral environment (30 – 37°C) and the skin surface under irradiation is chosen in such a way that the peripheral AV shunts do not close. Infrared heat is transported into the body through the blood and lymph. There is an evenly rising, mild increase in the core body temperature as well as a rapid and healthy sweat reaction. The body is „warmed up“ from the inside out.

Kneipp Basin

Our Kneipp pools are newly built, because kneippen is in full swing. In this case, the circulation and blood circulation of the body are stimulatedby the interplay of cold and warm water. Most of them are foot baths, but there are also full-body pools.


Experience showers

Changing showers are healthy and can be fun – if you get overcome and don’t let the cold wet deter you. The principle is the same as with traditional Kneipp applications: cold-warm stimuli of water narrow and widen the blood vessels, which indirectly has a positive effect on the immune system, metabolism, circulation, heat regulation, the heart and our mood. It is therefore advisable to do alternating showers in case of high blood pressure. The difference between the alternating shower and classic Kneipp castings is that the Kneipp castings are always carried out with a water jet and the resulting water film is used on the skin. In the shower, on the other hand, the water comes to the skin in isolated rays in the watering can principle.

Vitamin bar

A sauna visit is healthy. We support this effect with a selection of vitamin-rich drinks,juices and local mineral water. Wonderfully cooling and refreshing between the sauna sessions or at the end of your sauna stay.



From the classic full body massage to the combined massage or a partial massage, our masseuse pampers you in the house. The touch alone contributes to making one feel more relaxed. Gentle pressure of the hands and targeted massage promote the relaxation of the muscles. In this way, blockages can be solved on a physical, emotional and psychological level.

Relaxation zone with relaxation music and Aromia diffuser

Relax in the relaxation zone after saunaoror or kneading. Gentle music and the aroma scent of your choice invites you to refuel new energy and strength.

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